Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My Anthony...

Your crystal blue eyes pierce through my heart. A flash back of memories that seem worlds apart.
I with one wing, you with another, will soar through this world on the backs of each other.
Lets go discover your wildest dreams, lets embrace each other with each of our wings.
With you the pilot, you lift me up. I know if broken you'll help pull me up.
You are my dreams, my destiny. And now it is my turn to let you see. See this great big world full of trials.
I will carry you through, through all of the miles.
And when it is time you will grow your own wings.
I will still carry on, fulfilling my dream.
I will now watch over your flights, know that I will be here shinning the light.
Carry the light safe in your heart. It is there that we will never part.

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