Friday, February 5, 2010

Wow it has been over a year!

It has been over a year since I have blogged in here! I think the facebook craze took over~

Ok lets see...

Oz deployed in April again. I was still working at David's Bridal as a manager, and Anthony was being tossed here there and everywhere because of my schedule. Amongst everything I started having what felt like HEART ATTACKS in the middle of the night. The final one sent me to the hospital and straight to surgery. Thank goodness my awesome family came to help me.

While I was recovering Anthony and his Papaw went to...Disney World! Anthony STILL talk about it every time he sees a Disney commercial! ;) What an awesome Papaw Anthony has :) Mom came and helped me...I don't know what I would have done without her!

In August we went to the beach house and had a great time! Anthony and I used it as a vacation for us, and mainly hung out with GG and Pop as Anthony calls them! We loved seeing everyone!

In September I had my first High School Reunion...a sure way to make you feel OLD! I got to see a lot of old friends and had a great time! I wish Oz could have been there with me though.

In October I made the decision to quit David's Bridal after 5 years. It wasn't one that came easy. The bouncing around was getting too hard for me and Anthony. I also could not turn down an opportunity to work at home. I am even going to get my Masters now and I am sooo excited! I learned a lot from my boss, Aleana and I will use what I learned every day in my own business.

Oz came home right after Christmas! Anthony and I made a sign for Santa asking him to please hold Christmas for his Daddy! It worked! Santa came on December 29th! Anthony and OZ (lol) were so excited! I decorated Oz's "man cave" upstairs for him and bought him what I would call an antique comic and framed it! (he still hasn't seen that because it wasn't here yet!) We had a great time while he was home. I fall in love with Oz and Anthony all over again when I see them together! We are so proud of Oz and cannot wait till this deployment brings him home to us!

I was very lucky to have one of my best friends DAYNA come visit after Oz left. There is no better medicine than great friends when you are sad! I love you Dayna!

I have painted my school room and am just waiting for my apt at the lending library to set up my room! I have all my requirements scheduled and am off on Monday to get a fingerprint card (weird huh?) So I am almost open for business!

Look out for more Blogs to come! Kim