Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First Blog!

Well hello everyone!

This is my very first blog! Not sure how this will work but I thought it would be worth a shot!

I guess I should sum up this year!

January: My wonderful parents helped move Anthony and I into our new home! Oz and I were so thankful that my Mom and Dad let us stay with them during Oz's long 15 month deployment! 4 months to count down till Oz came home and I had so much unpacking to do!! I went back to work 5 days after we got back and Anthony started school the same week! It is perfectly located ACROSS the street! I could not have gotten luckier! It is a Christian daycare and even though it is rather expensive, it is well worth the better care!

February: Went by fast! Anthony of course had cold and flu the whole month! I finally met my awesome neighbors...the O'Grady family! I couldn't have gotten through February or March without them! Kimo and Eddie Rock! Alisha, Kimo, Alicia, Shannon, Rhonya, and Katie and Steve all helped me with my crazy work schedule and Anthony! I have the greatest friends! As for the unpacking it was all finish except Oz's game/bonus room!

March: I was a mess! I was so anxious for Oz to come home to a perfectly finished house! I was getting mad at things like the entertainment cabinet not being in on time etc!! I don't really remember much else about this month lol. Anthony and I made a count down calander and each morning he marked off another day until Daddy came home!!

March 31-April 1: OZ CAME HOME! WOO HOO!

April: The DAY Oz got home he could not sleep! While everyone was sleeping he was organzing the garage and putting the entertainment centers together! (seriously after 5 days of traveling!) OCD anyone? LOL! It was so great to have him home finally! We took this month to settle in and for Anthony and Oz to get to know each other again! Oz couldn't believe how big he was and how much he was talking!!

May: We had a huge memorial day/welcome home party for Oz! My Aunt and Uncle and cousins came as well as my parents, sisters and other friends! Oz was getting back to work and things pretty much went back to normal! We started designing some of the house a little more as well! Painting EVERYTHING! I love having my own house!

June-August: Oz and I found out we were expecting! Unfortunately it ended in a miscarriage. We were both devestated. We only had to try once to get pregnant and never expected anything to go wrong! We wont be trying again any time soon. I need some time and he is deploying again. I dont think I could do it we will wait!

June: I finally met Oz's sister Marlene and her beautiful family! I love her so much and all three of her girls!!! We pray every day for her new daughter who is fighting strong to pull through all of her heart problems!

July: Nikki and Amy both gave birth to healthy handsom boys, Mason and Daniel! I could not have been more proud to be an Aunt!

August-till Current: Anthonys third birthday party will be at Chuck-e-cheese with a predictabe SPONGE BOB theme! LOL! He cannot wait for his Papa and Mama to get here with Lucky Dawg! More updates to come!

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